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PartnersPartnering in the design/ construction industry is a relatively new process to build a cooperative environment for the project work rather than a confrontational, and litigious one.


The concept is based on principles such as honesty, integrity, fairness, respect for others and their needs, trust, personal accountability and the pursuit of excellence.


A win-win outcome for all stakeholders is the ultimate goal.  A stakeholder is any individual or organization that has a vested interest (tangible or intangible) in the success of the project.  Experience has shown that when win-lose strategies and tactics are used by one or more stakeholders to gain an advantage over the other players, a lose-lose situation results for everyone involved in the project.  This approach, in recent years, has produced projects with quality and functional degradation, unreasonable cost growth and very few projects completed on schedule.  There are many other evidences of the poor relationships that have developed in our industry and the price paid by all involved because of them.


The foundation of Partnering is trust, open, honest communication, a commitment to shared goals and an understanding of each other's expectations and values.  Expected benefits for all stakeholders include improved efficiency and cost effectiveness, increased opportunity for innovation in problem-solving and the continuous improvement of quality products and services for all of the individuals and organizations involved in the project.


Partnering is not a panacea, but it has made a tremendous difference in the degree of success for thousands of projects over the last few years.  It can and should be an integral part of the Quality Improvement Program in every organization.


The typical partnering program is initiated with a kick-off workshop of one to three days with intermittent follow-up sessions afterward.


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